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Vito CDi112 guess the fuse.

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I've been trying to work out which fuse is which under the passenger seat. There's no label on the cover detailing them, as the owners manual reckons there should be.

The owners manual talks about modules (A,B,C,D,E) and postions eg 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 etc) I can't work out how this format relates to my fuse box at all. Other than the 2 big 50A and 40A fuses (I'm guessing the 50A is the engine fan) the rest are numbered 1 to 36.

Would love to know what No 15 (7.5A) and No 6 (10A) are as these drain the battery when the van's standing unused.
Technology Electronic device Electronics Machine Electronic component

position - rating
1 - 7.5A
2 - 25A
3 - 7.5A
4 - 25A
5 - 25A
6 - 10A
7 - 30A
9 - 7.5A

11 - 30A
15 - 7.5A
16 - 15A

19 - 15A
23 - 5A
24 - 25A
26 - 25A

34 - 7.5A

+ 50A & 40A sat on top RHS of the main box.
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I've just been reading somewhere that there's 3 fuse boxes in the vito. Is this right? I only now about 2 (the one under steering column and the one under the passenger seat).

So where do I find the 3rd fuse box if it exists??

+ Does no one have a clue what the fuses under the passenger seat do?
The 3rd fuse box is under the glovebox/dash under the passenger footwell mate.
Would love to know what No 15 (7.5A) and No 6 (10A) are as these drain the battery when the van's standing unused.

No 15 is Two-way radio (bundled radio)
No 6 is Immobiliser, automatic transmission control unit
One of the fuses is in the wrong place the 25A in No.25 should be in No.24.

No 15 is Two-way radio (bundled radio)
No 6 is Immobiliser, automatic transmission control unit
Two-way radio? A walkie talkie - I haven't got one fitted!
That's what it says in the manual brov :D
I checked for a third fuse box and couldn't find it under the passenger dash. I wonder if its only fitted on certain production runs or models?

Perhaps the normal radio is connected to fuse No. 15 instead. I'll have to put the snatch plate back on the radio and have a look.
The 'third' fuse box has fuses for central locking, electric mirrors and window lifts, my 'poverty spec.' 108CDi has none of the above hence no fuse box under the LHS dash. MB tend to call anything that happens to have a fuse a fuse box including the relay enclosure above the cooling fans. If you look at the wiring diagrams in Peter Russeks book you will find referance to 'fuse box 9' happy hunting.


Here's some pics from my user manual detailing the fuses. Can anyone understand how it links to my fuse box under the passenger seat?

Text Font Paper Document

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Text Receipt Font Document Paper

The only one I understand is the one for the fuse box under the steering column:
Text Font Paper
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Fuses in my manual

This is as listed in my manual.


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Excellent, thanks Sarge!
Would help if I had the right manual to start with!
Had look through Sarges fuses and I think the V series fuse box layout under the passenger seat is slightly different from the Cdi - this may explain fuse f15 the 2-way radio! also f2, f11- I've no rear wiper.

I think I need to buy an owner's manual for the CDi to solve this one, unless someone can post photo's of the fusebox layout pages form their Cdi owner's manual.

Also, I've either got the large M1and M2 fuses swapped (mine: M1=50A, M2=40A, Sarge's owner's manual shows M1=40A and M2= 50A), or again, another V series -CDi difference.
Hi to all! Does any body know what is the fuse for Tachometer at Vito 110 CDI? Please write to e-mail [email protected]
hi all im a newbie and i was wondering where the fuse to the horn was? thanks
i see now number 4 for horn! soz oh and no 8 for interior lights yipee!
Take the fuse out, and you see what funktion is not working. I have seen in the WIS, that the layout of the fusebox can vary a lot dependin on model
Hi where is the fuse box on a Vito 115cdi and which is the fuse for the radio.
What should I check for as the radio just stopped working.
There are two fuseboxes on the vito, one under passenger seat , and the other is under the bonnet beneath the plastic cover on the right hand side.

You are probably looking for a 10A fuse (red)

I am sorry i cannot be more specific, but it seems that the fuse allocation in mercedes vehicles is a very hard thing to find .

Well at least he used the search function. I don't hate that.
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