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Hi guys,

I'm getting a bit frustrated with my 2004 vito 111 that refuses or is very difficult to start after its been raining heavily. The engine cranks over fine and usually fires a couple of times on each start attempt, but won't keep going. After about 10 minutes of repeated attempts, it will sometimes start - as it did this afternoon. The headlights also flashed briefly as the van sparked into life!

Once going, the engine runs perfectly and re-starts fine after that. This problem only ever occurs after then van has been stood in heavy rain. It has started fine during the snow (it's now turned to rain here).

Moisture is definitely getting somewhere, but I can't find where. I can't see any water in the main fuse box, and I can't find any damaged or corroded connectors anywhere in the engine bay. Any ideas where else to look or what the problem might be?
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