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Vito 110 Instrument Panel light always on

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In the last couple of days the headlight warning "beeper" has been going off whenever I open the doors. All of the headlights and interior lights are off but the instrument panel light stays on. Any ideas?

Cheers - Jon.
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colin38 said:
had the same happen to me the other week after i had my van MOT done. after a bit of searching found it to be the foglight switch still switched down on the on position . dont know if this is normal to happen or some sort of electrical fault though.anway after turning swich to the off position problem more beeping.
hope this helps.....
Bingo, it was the fog light switch down. I had checked that all of the lights were off but obviously this switch caused the problem.

Cheers - J.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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