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Visor adjustment (not the one behind the trim)

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I could use some help learning what is supposed to be inside the visor providing friction to keep the visor up. The arm stays where I want after taking off the rearview mirror and trim and adjusting the screws around the ball - that part is fine. The visor itself, though, seems like someone tried to improvise ways to keep it up and failed. They have some heat shrink tubing around the arm, and I'm not sure if this little metal piece that is sticking out is original or added. Whatever it was and whatever it is, it doesn't work. I am hesitant to take apart my drivers side visor as it is staying up and I don't yet know what I'm doing! What is inside the visor that this screw clamps down on and how does it provide friction to keep the visor up? I'd like to move off the bungee-cord inspired solution soon! Thanks all.


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The screw looks good (not stripped at all) but the hole it goes into looks kinda chewed up. I'll give it a go with the next bigger size. Thanks.
I didn't even realize there is supposed to be a grommet there. It has deteriorated so much that I thought it was actually solidified lubricant crud of some kind.
I was able to get a couple of different screws to try. The current one seems to be a #10 x 1/2 inch. If I use a #10 x 5/8 inch, it is tight until it hits a hard stop. It doesn't budge - so the threads in the visor are holding but there is just no more to go in. This is a pointed sheet metal screw, though. I'm guessing the original was more of a flat edge machine screw - so I may try that next. It seems, though, that the problem is not the screw itself but whatever clamp inside the visor tightens around the visor arm.
That is some very helpful information you quoted Checksplay. Of course, buying a 32 year old car I have no idea what anyone in the past may have done. It does seem that the screw has some function tightening or loosening but I would absolutely not rule the clip being out of position on the inside. I may have to take it off again and look. Also helpful to know that it IS supposed to be the tapping screw - I won't mess around looking for flat edged screws then.
I'm at wits end. Still cannot get this visor to stay up. The only way to get to the innards of the visor would be to slice it open with a razor blade, I think. Right now it is being held up with a coathanger fitting into the socket above the windshield so I can see traffic to my right without reaching over and holding the visor up. I am getting very skilled at taking off the rearview window and the surrounding trim I've attempted a fix so many times!

The tantalizing part is that the visor stays up when I have the rod fully inserted into the visor. However, to make the clip fit in I need to have it not QUITE fully inserted - and as soon as I back it out those few mm the thing goes limp. There's the story of my life!
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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