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Ok, so my wife left the fog lights on when she got to work, the car was dead when she came back. AAA charged the battery for couple minutes and the car started. Everything is fine now except the "visit Workshop" with battery sign does not want to go away! The main battery is one year old and the aux battery is original. Does the message need to be cleared by the stealer or something else could be wrong, aux battery maybe??

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If both batteries are OK then the warning should go away on its own, so something is wrong.

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Roadside to the rescue.

Seeing as we do not know for sure which battery it is just call it in and they can tell you
which battery. You can decline the replacement if you wan to do it yourself. I am hoping
the AAA guy did not fire a 200amp charge into the main battery.

You could also put the main battery on a nice long gentle charge overnight and see if
that solves the issue because there is no way the AAA guy got it even close to a full
The alternators on these cars more maintain a charge than really juice them them up.
It could take days of short trip driving or a whole bunch of miles to have the car charge
If you have a multimeter check the aux battery and if it is below 12v it needs a charge
and if it can't keep a 12v or better then it is the culprit. Use low amps (2-5) for about
3 hours to charge the aux battery.
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