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vinyl armrests

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I was really interested in the new c350 4matic. I have to tell you that it is very disapointing that even after spending the 2500.00 for the leather upgrade you still end up with vinyl armrests in the door. Mercedes canada needs to get their act together. You can't beat the competition if you spec a 60k car like a KIA.

I was quoted over 5k if I wanted to order C63 door panels so that was out. I guess unless Merc Canada changes the spec to what other countries are doing I'll have to move on......
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just get the door panels wrapped yourself. I was quoted $1000 for a custom wet CF wrap over OEM parts. Or you can join the latest fad and do a CF fabric wrap for $3-400. That's what I'll be doing as I love the texture of the open CF fabric vs a smooth clear coat.
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