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Hi all,
Dropping in to make a quick intro. I have used BenzWorld a few times when I couldn't figure things out on my own so I figured it was time to make a post/bit of a build thread. This is very much a preservation and not a restoration. I want to keep things as original as possible for the sake of value.

On August 26th 2017 I purchased my 1 owner, 1962 220 Fintail Sedan from the estate of the original owner. It is a Hydrak trans car with A/C. There is an interesting story that comes with this car.
The original owner purchased the car in Norway on June 6th 1962. The car was driven there until 64 when the owner was restationed in Texas. The car was driven in Texas until 68, then the owner moved to Washington state.

As the story goes the car was driven off and on until 1986 when the original owner's wife passed away. What his son told me was that his father drove home from the funeral in the 220, parked it, and never drove it again. In 2017 the original owner passed away and his son needed to sell the car before the house could sell. I found the car vaguely listed on Craigslist and contacted the owner. Turns out the car was about 2 miles from where I live.

That afternoon I went to look at the car. It was parked in a dry garage and had very, very little rust. The owner's son knew very little about the car outside of what he had told me. He mentioned that he had records for the car and the title so I asked to take a look. He took me into the kitchen of the home and spread out across the counter was TONS of records, documents, workshop manuals, everything you could imagine.

At this point, I found out the original owner was an Air Force mechanic and kept meticulous records. He kept tire pressures at each fuel fill-ups along with the number of gallons and the price per gallon for, as far as I can tell, every time he ever put fuel in the car.

Since the car had not run in more than 30 years and my knowledge of vintage Mercedes being minimal at the time (BMW/Toyota guy at heart) I did the basic checks on the car, rust, glass, engine spins freely, etc..., and made him an offer. He accepted and I trailed the car home to surprise my now wife with another project.

Few pics of how the car looked when I arrived and some documents.
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With the car bought and in my garage the work began. To start I wanted to get it clean and see what I was working with.
before and after...
Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Luxury vehicle Car

The next goal was to get it running and driving in time for my wedding in June the next year. I was about to get the car running in about 3 days. Driving and stopping like it should was another story. That took a couple of months.

For now the car runs and drives fairly well. The Hydrak transmission is a little wonky at times and I'm leaking a bit more oil than I'm comfortable with but the car has been a blast to drive.
Few more photos for the fun of it. It definitely has somewhat I'll call "character marks" but all in all a very cool original example based on what else I've seen out in the world.




I have plenty more photos is anyone would like to see.

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More pics! More pics good

Great period looking steering wheel cover too. Was that on the car?
Thank you!
The steering wheel cover was on the car when I purchased it. I could have been fooled into thinking it was factory. It looks very nice and seems to be period correct.

I'll post some more photos over the weekend when I have some time.
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