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460-280GE, 83 240D, 85 380SL, 85 500SEC.
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I would be much appreciated if anybody can give some idea of what year is this: 46023317002287. Can you tell what the original engine was from the VIN? :confused:


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VIN WDB46023317002287
Body 3
Plant 61
Model 280 GE 4X4
Chassis 46023317002287
Engine 110994 10 000234
Transmission 711101 10 000173
tCase 750601 10 02461
Primary 211N71580
Rear 211N71580
Order 6 9 272 00335
Approx. year not defined
Cab 460582 10
Steer 765502 10 159420
Dealer authorities sales / BMI (272)
6012 Unknown code
A70 differential lock, front axle (с 1978)

A71 differential lock, rear axle (с 1978)

C70 two-part rear bumper (с 1978)

E26 additional battery
racing bicycle, alustyle (roof-mounted) (с 26.06.1997)

E36 ski bag (с 26.06.1997)
cut-off relay for additional battery

E51 bicycle rack, alustyle (double) (с 1978)
short-range interference suppression

E52 bicycle rack, alustyle (quadruple) (с 1978)
radiophone bracket

E83 additional fuse box

E86 radiophone cables

F32 hatch in cab roof

F67 writing shelf in front of co-driver's seat

F80 bracket on cab

G75 speedometer adapter

H12 auxiliary heater (с 1978)

J61 hydraulic brake test connections

K87 auxiliary tank (2nd) 13.5 liter (с 1978)
2 x 15-liter additional tanks

L12 halogen headlamps

L16 halogen fog lamps (с 1978)

L18 rear fog lamp (с 1978)

L27 adjustable spotlight (с 1978)

L50 rotating emergency flasher, front central, blue

L62 reading lamp (с 1978)

L66 additional interior lamp, above rear end door (с 1978)

M74 radiator guard, engine undershield

Q57 tow-off coupling, rear

Q58 tow-off coupling, front (с 1978)

R85 spare wheel carrier on the outside of the rear panel door (с 1978)

S20 co-driver's folding seat (с 1978)

S30 driver's seat headrest (с 1978)

S32 co-driver's seat headrest (с 1978)

S34 passenger compartment seat headrests (с 1978)

S55 folding seat bench in passenger compartment (с 1978)

S56 longitudinal seat bench, left and right, quadruple occupancy

S64 seat bench safety belts (с 1978)

U40 interior monitoring mirror (с 09.05.1996по 25.09.1996)
cargo net behind front seats (с 26.09.1996)
seat cover in single-colored imitation leather (mb-tex)

V02 interior trim with cases

V17 interior trim in grey

V47 tray with hot-air guide

V68 protective net

V85 fixture for stretcher mounting

V86 fixtures (с 1978)

W41 rear panel door, one-wing, with window (с 1978)

W72 fixture for protective grille

W84 side and rear end panes, laminated glass

X30 vehicle registration book

Y11 bracket for first aid box

Y49 box with spare bulbs (с 1978)

Y92 elimination of first aid box with bracket

Y94 selector lever in leather/designo-wood design (с 06.02.1998)
elimination of warning triangle

Z07 b7-reinforcemnt on special protection version (с 21.04.1997)

Z32 Unknown code
Z57 radio set mounting costs

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460-280GE, 83 240D, 85 380SL, 85 500SEC.
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:bowdown: Thank you very much.

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