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Video: Vettel drives Newey's virtual X1 prototype
28 October 2010

Sebastian Vettel has set a Nürburgring lap time of under 65 seconds – almost half a minute quicker than his last Formula 1 qualifying effort at the track – in the Adrian Newey-designed X1 Prototype, a virtual ‘what if’ dream of the Englishman.

Asked by Polophony Digital to create the fastest car on Earth for simulator Gran Turismo 5, Newey’s design centres around how a racing car would be if limiting regulations were not a factor.

The result, as can be seen in the video below, is a fan car – not dissimilar in that way to Gordon Murray’s Brabham BT46 of 1978 – which sports a mechanism to force air out from underneath the car, reducing air pressure under its floor.

The canopied X1, with its covered front wheels, is powered by a direct injection V6 twin turbo which helps generate maximum lateral acceleration forces of some 6G and a staggering top speed of 400km/h (248.5mph).

“The results were thrilling,” comments Newey, Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer. “X1 is about evolution - delivering the optimum combination of tested technologies in a single integrated design.

“This would be the future of racing were we not bound by regulations, but one that is achievable today. As Sebastian has shown, it is about devastating speed coupled with real handling control. Today, thanks to PlayStation 3 and Gran Turismo, we can test drive the future.”
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