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I replaced front brake disks and pads 2 years ago, but recently I feel vibration while high speed and uneven brake power while low speed. So I decided to replace them again with different brand.

Here is the video link:


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This is really well done, thanks for sharing! A lifelong engineer I'm always looking at ways to do things better so hope this sounds constructive. :)

I would get jack stands more suited for the objective. For ~$100 you can have a pair of Esco stands that work well with our Mercedes jacking points. Prior to having a lift in my garage I used this with a floor jack like yours;

Esco 3 ton jack stands

I almost had a spasm when I saw you jacking under the front of the car, then I remembered that you have a 4MATIC. Another board buddy asked for tightening torques so I thought to share them on this thread as well.

  • Locking bolt, brake disk of front axle to wheel hub 10Nm
  • Self-locking bolt, front brake caliper support to steering knuckle 180Nm
  • Self-locking bolt, rear brake caliper support to steering knuckle 110Nm
  • Bleed screw to brake caliper 14Nm
  • Wheel bolts 150Nm
Much respect for you ending the video by cleaning your tools and putting them away!
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