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Video in Motion

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Looking at In-Motion applications. Research says Mid City Engineering is the best overall install. If so which model are people using? There are four versions:
1) VIM221... Video In Motion Interface

2) VIM221P....Video in Motion with Programme

3) VIM221R....Video in Motion with on-demand control of reverse camera.

4) VIM221K...Video in Motion with Backup Camera

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Ok, maybe better questions are:

Are you pleased with this product?

Worth the cost?
Dafire... I bought the VIM221 off Ebay for $115. Installed in about 25 minutes. Could have been installed in 10 minutes. I took my time. It works as advertised. Well worth the cost I paid. I have seen some more on Ebay sporadically.

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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