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Vibration - some possible causes

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I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason today I thought my car's steering wheel was vibrating more than normal. I would not really feel it in the car, just the steering wheel and a little bit on the pedals.

Is it normal to feel any vibration in the steering around 60mph? Or should it be completely smooth?

It snowed in the morning, so I thought maybe some snow got in the wheel well or tire, but the roads have been clear and I still got some vibration around 60mph, and sometimes at around 30mph too.

I know my rear flex disk is a little bit cracked, could that possibly cause some vibration? It's very minor. I also got motor and transmission mounts in recently, possibly they were not put in 100% tightly?

Any ideas would be welcome, I know vibrations are a common question and hard to diagnose!
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It should be smooth at all speeds. I think that flex disc is a possibilty but the simplest and least expensive way to start is with a wheel balance (road force preferably). Maybe one of the weights fell off? Plus tires can go bad after driving for a while, that has happened to me. I'd take it to the best tire shop you can find. How confident are you in that the tech who put in the mounts?
Valves can tick and lifters can make such sounds but it is not normal. Your best bet would be to ask about your issues on the W220 forum. For some odd reason, there is no devoted forum for the W220/W221 S55/S63/S65 when all the other AMGs are represented. So maybe the General AMG might be a good place too.
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