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Vibration - some possible causes

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I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason today I thought my car's steering wheel was vibrating more than normal. I would not really feel it in the car, just the steering wheel and a little bit on the pedals.

Is it normal to feel any vibration in the steering around 60mph? Or should it be completely smooth?

It snowed in the morning, so I thought maybe some snow got in the wheel well or tire, but the roads have been clear and I still got some vibration around 60mph, and sometimes at around 30mph too.

I know my rear flex disk is a little bit cracked, could that possibly cause some vibration? It's very minor. I also got motor and transmission mounts in recently, possibly they were not put in 100% tightly?

Any ideas would be welcome, I know vibrations are a common question and hard to diagnose!
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as already mentioned vibrations around 50-60mh are generally caused by wheels out of balance, mainly on the front wheels as this inbalance will be felt through the steering wheel, but the rear wheels should also be balanced to prevent uneven wear on the tyre/suspension etc.
Maake sure this is done properly, i know lots of tyre fitters who just dont know how to balance wheels correctly,
you could also jack up each corner and rotate the wheels to check the tyres for trueness, look for uneven tyre wear, and high/low spots on the tyre.

As far as cuts in the tyres are concerned, if in doubt have them checked by someone who knows what to look for, they might not be leaking now, but that doesn't mean they couldn't suddenly split, and i dont need to tell you the consequences of that happening on the motorway/freeway.
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