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I just wanted to wish all those who have served, currently serve, and who will soon serve, a peaceful and happy Veteran's Day!

May the God you worship Bless you all.

Sgt. Aaron Kramer (who was killed Sept. 16 while serving combat duty in Afghanistan) once said to his father that he felt awkward when people would thank him for his service, saying "I haven't done anything. It's the ones who are over there that have died for their country that they should be thanking."

To the families, and friends, of those who paid the ultimate price, I give my gratitude, and respect. God Bless you all, and thank you.

There are many who will use big words and colorful flags in order to claim patriotism, but there are so few who will put on their nation's uniform and serve.

That is my good friend Chaplain Pete Christian, as well as my wife and I in the background.

Chaplain Candidate, 2LT
Det 13 XHC
Robins AFB

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Here here......

THANK YOU DAD and all other's who served and will do so in the future.

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Thank You for your post Brian, presented very well. I too salute our fellow vets...those that came home and those that didn't.


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Folks often say "thanks for your service" when they see me in uniform, etc - and I'm grateful and feel privileged to be of service to my countrymen and all freedom-seeking individuals around the world. But I often tell these well-wishers that it is I who am the grateful one. Without all of you hard working, enterprising people driving our economy and maintaining a country worth fighting for, my services would not be needed - so I say, "thank you all."

I believe many of my fellow service members feel as I do, and since we are paid by the taxes borne on the backs of wage earners, I am very grateful to everyone who strives to improve their circumstances and achieve their dreams! Unlike so many who feel "entitled" to our tax dollars though, I back your investment with my life, and willingly offer it upon the alter of freedom - but don't think our enemies can have it for the asking, their request will be written in their own blood.

For all North Americans, I believe and encourage you to perform your duty as a citizen and VOTE. I encourage you to look to the past and see the destruction that awaited every great society which instituted liberal, progressive policies in the guise of "tolerance" and "acceptance for all". Please remember the conservative principles framed by our heavenly-inspired founding fathers that protect the freedoms of us all, and the godly intent to which those freedoms were guaranteed. As the years advance, I feel less and less proud to serve, as I find I am ever increasingly serving the will of a growing, out-of-control Government, and not the will of the People. Never be afraid to enforce what is right, even at the risk of appearing intolerant toward the evil of those who would tear-down our great country and trample the Constitution under their feet.

Bryan Taylor
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