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Very Early W140 magazine reference (spy photo)

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I was going through an old issue of Car and Driver I had in my stockpiles and saw this photo and write-up towards the front of the magazine. This was an August 1990 issue!! You read that right. Coincidentally the cover and main road test is the e31 BMW 850i.

Neat reference I never would have given a second look to 6 months ago!

I love reading through the old magazines. Just for what was new and exciting back then and now seems dated, as well as the ads (lots of cigarettes) and whiz-bang technology and toys being pushed then.

In the TireRack ad, the largest tires i could find were 255/40ZR-17 and they were $215! :D
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Now maybe I can try to read it without spinning my phone in circles. :)

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