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woz - 3/15/2005 12:53 PM
Post some comments reguarding my ebay purchase of a left hand drive bi-xenon i know it will work but very concerned reguarding beam patterns can anybody re-assure me and comments are invited,
please please help
I suggest you try patience (its easy giving others advice I find hard to take myself) and wait until you have the light.

The dip beam pattern is made by a metal mask which simply gets in the way of the light between the bulb and the lens.

If you do not have a lever, you may be able to 'modify' the mask through the bulb hole.

It would alleviate your patience if someone with left-hand drive bi-xenons advised us if they have the lever or not.

Is there anybody out there who has found/not found the lever by the side of the bi-xenon bulb?

The lever may also be present on standard halogen projector lamps, which would also be nice to know.

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