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Caught in a dead cell area, no link to Mercedes after many tries.. and a flat tire with a 2 inch cut on the sidewall. The can of inflate a tire was useless.
Out comes the jack and as I crank, it goes deeper into the ground. Couldn't find good solid soil for it to get a solid footing. With a foot area of around 9 square inches, you need solid ground, trust me.

I employed some "McGiver" and managed to get the car up high enough to get the wheel off.

First thing I did when I got home was to get a 12" piece of square solid (oak) stock about an inch thick and put it in the trunk. I notched t so the jack would have solid footing.

And I thought, at my age I had used every cuss word when it came to working on a car.

Just some simple experience to pass along.
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