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Sorry not to be more specific in the title, but I have quite a few questions I cannot find exact answers for and don't want to begin too many threads about such basic things.

First of all:
It looks to me that the older and newer style of seat back panels are not interchangeable? Too bad, because I really dislike the newer plastic framed seat pocket already. There is definitely no way I could buy the older sort with the metal net holder and make them work, right?

Three of my four doors have perfect vinyl around the windows, but one is a little wrinkled. The gap at the base is only a few cm now, but overall I dislike palomino and the extra vinyl, and I want to remove these pieces. However, I don't want to ruin them. So far my searching and Googling skills haven't led me to instructions on how to take these off intact... or at all actually... just that it can be done.

Can anyone recommend a manual that would keep me from asking dumb question on forums every time I want to mess with something??? :D
I don't really plan to tackle mechanical repairs, and my questions are about the interior. There are a lot of little interior pieces I want to fix up or know how to remove and replace. The books I have found are targeted to real repairs rather than the "pretty bits" as far as I can tell. I'm good at this sort of thing, but I need a starting point.

How crazy is it to dream about re-doing the interior? I mean, how costly is it to have done or to find everything to do myself (assuming I can get that book to learn about disassembly!)
Basically, I just don't like anything brown or tan. Never, Ever have. Unfortunately my car came with a palomino interior. (Also, it is in fantastic shape except the worn vinyl of the driver's seat and so I cannot exactly justify my dreams of replacing it.)
What I dream of is to put in new black carpeting and black seats but to have light beige on the doors and headliner. I cannot find anything done like that online, and I must be odd to think it would be so perfect to mix! :eek:
At the very least I could do black seats sooner and leave the rest for much later? (For now I have black sheepskins arriving Tuesday.)
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