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Variable ratio steering

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Just been reading something about EAM version coding, and it said all vehicles except right hand drive are equiped with variable ratio steering. I have thought for years that i was driving a car fitted not with wheels but planks of wood strapped to the rottors like ski's. Feels like wood with far too many turns. If you go from full lock to the opposit lock it is massive amount of turns, and in tight spaces lethal. So what has you car got that mine hasn't?. I have a ford transit van and that has the best steering of any car i have ever driven. First 3/4 turn is normal, and the next half turn is like turn and a half. Enough to throw you out of your seat if you have no seatbelt on. Brilliant. How many turns does a USA ml have from centre to full lock.
And also when i see a w164 ml for sale in england, it say united kingdom steering in the vehicle specifications. Are we getting something different?.
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Anyone know how many turns from centre to full lock on usa ml. Thanks
From center to stop, it's like 1 3/4 turns.

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Thanks guys. Mine is approx same as that. well goes a little more than 1 3/4 but over pressure valve makes a noise if i push it to the stop. It was this pdf under steering type that made me think. Not much diiference in steering wheel turn then. Does anyone else's car make a racket at full lock.


Steering question. How fast does your ml want to center itself. Mine has always been slow to centre and needs help from me as its so slow?. Are they all like this?. Is it the non variable ratio that uk cars have?. Read pdf above.
That was one of the biggest issues several car journalists had with it here in the US. The steering was slow to return especially in low speed 90º corners.
Our 98,99, and 2000 all do the same thing. All the ML55s have variable ratio steering. The rest of the W163s do not.
Thanks rob. did you read the pdf. It does say as of 2001 all vehicles have variable ratio steering except RHD vehicles. That would suggest 98-2000 did not have VRS.
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