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OK boys, we have the official meeting in a week, I will post signs from the exit on 4th that leads to our lot early on the 12th. Just follow the link to the mapquest map to the snack bar on southwest marine drive that I have included below and I will have signs posted to lead you to our lot. I will place pylons to mark off our area as accurate as I can, I hope that most cars will arrive by 11:30-12:00. I hope to see many of you there. After you hit this booth outlined in the mapquest link below, either follow the signs or just continue west until you reach the furthest most west lot before you enter UBC. Hopefully there will be no one parked in that area, I will do my best to get there early to mark off our territory. I am expecting an overcast sunny day which should work to our advantage since many beach go-er's will only hit the beach for picnics/outings on a sunny day, I have found an estimate of 24 degrees on may 12th from the weather network. Hopefully this estimate is accurate since this weather condition is perfect for our meet. Again, I hope to see a large turnout, see you there. Cyberdyne, If you plan to post up/set up the banners MB has provided you with, you may want to arrive early, I will already be there, so PM me with any thoughts. If anyone has any comments on how to make some last minute improvements, please dont hesitate to ask questions, post thoughts or make suggestions. Thank you.


Map of Spanish Banks East Booth, 4707 Marine Dr NW Vancouver, BC CA by MapQuest
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