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Valve stem seals and guides how to? 260E

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Can anyone point me to a set of directions on how to replace the valve stem seals and guides in a 1988 Mercedes 260E? I already ordered the parts, but would like to not jump in blindly. I am also planning the head gasket replacement at the same time. Trying to kill my oil burn/loss problem.

Werner J Stiegler
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valve stem seals are pretty straight forward. you just remove the old ones and press in the new ones. there are special tools to remove and install them, but depending on the size of the seal, a 1/4 10 or 11mm socket usually works when installing them. just tap them on untill the seal seats on the guide. now as for the guides using the special tools may be the best bet to removing and installing them.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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