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If you're planing on keeping the car for any length of time, I would seriously consider powder coating them.

I had a number of engine parts powder coated when I did a valve job on my 1970 250C, and they looked fantastic, not to mention a good powder coating shop will have a palette of colors you could never find in a rattle can.


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A word of caution about powder coating valve covers, the heat can warp them and give no end of problems with leaks.

The I6 covers are a magnesium aluminium alloy renowned for being porous and allowing oil to come through from behind and lifting the factory finish. Prep with a caustic degreaser taking care not to get any where it shouldn't go and sanding off any flaking paint should do. I'd try and get it back to bare metal, if possible.

I'll let Nathan recommend the paint, I'm in Oz and brands differ.
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