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There are an abundance of three-way and four-way fittings in and around the W123 body, engine and interior. Aside from that, there are plastic color-coded lines that run throughout the car. The plastic lines are the main paths of vacuum while the 3 and 4 way fittings are the "joints".

These sites should have them. The local dealer might be of help too, but my experience goes to $how that your wallet will $urely be empty. You could try your luck.

Vacuum connectors & hoses (2 way):

Vacuum connectors (3 & 4 way):

Vacuum elements (actuators, locks, etc):

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sorry for the late thank you.

good info!!!

me thinks this is where my restoration should begin, or at least shortly follow a couple other neccessities.

It's real hard to make a diagnosis of problems since everything in or on the car seems to stem from the vaccum system.

thanks again
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