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1989 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL, 1993 400 SEL
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I know, I know this engine looks like @#$%*! Give me some time, I just got it. Trying to restore it to a point of decency and am trying to rebuild as much as I can:cool: I love the way this car drives ( when it did).

You guys have been providing excellent info. I'm hoping you can help me out too.

"Big Ups" to " for excellent post on what he found.

So, I need diagram or pics for these small "plastic lines" I don't know where they go? I've searched many forums but haven't found any pics for these lines like, where they come from and where they connect to. Please help.

  • Rough idle
  • Slow acceleration
  • No headlights or turn signals
What I've done so far:
  • Checked vacuum lines ( don't know what to look for other than obvious leaks)
  • Changed ignition coil on driver side ( it was cracked and arcing) replaced.
  • Changed spark plugs
  • Read this post -

    I've pointed to some of the most obvious areas. Being a noob, I'm trying to do as much of this as I can. You guys have been great saving me some $$$ so far.
    It was running great until "cats got hot" and engine started smoking. Indie explained the "burning smell was from the cats heating up and blocking exhaust which forced pressure back towards engine thus, causing the smoking engine (and oil leaks)

    Dumping pre cats and gonna replace em (don't know how 02 sensor comes into play there).

    Basically, I'd like to get the "vac lines" nailed down 1st.

    IYHO guys, what's next? Can you give me a breif rundown on fix or, the right threads (preferably with the links)? Like I said, I'm a "noob" :D
    Thanks in advance guys you've been great.

    Here are the Pics:


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