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Guys, been putting this project off for a while now and looking for suggestions. I figure most of us with the W163's have had issues with the vacuum lines that run all over our engines. I plan on replacing all of the hoses at one time. I found the proper diameter rubber hose at my local NAPA store and was planning on purchasing it there and then I ran across these options.

1999 Mercedes Benz ML430 Base V8 4.3L - 51731257971-5BLK - Silicone Vaccum Hose - Black - 15 Feet - ES#2765749

1999 Mercedes Benz ML430 Base V8 4.3L - N203531-5 - Cloth Braided Vacuum Hose - Black - 15 Feet - ES#2765742

I figure 15 feet should be enough for the project; just wondering if the cloth braided or silicone would be the better choice. The cloth braided probably has a little larger O.D. and would not be quite a flexible as the silicone. I would think that either of the two would grip better on a nipple and last quite a bit longer than the standard rubber variety.

Considering these hoses are over fifteen years old and exposed to quite a bit of heat, they are definately due for replacement. Who knows, the old girl might even run a little better after eliminating some parasitic leaks. At the same time I'll check out the crankcase ventilation hoses.

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Another option would be to buy the hose from Mercedes. It's only about $7 per metre. Part number is 1179970982. You could order all the Y connectors at the same time. The vacuum hose under the intake manifold is probably best left alone. The crankcase ventilation hoses go hard and brittle with time, so it would be worth replacing these while you are at it. Check that the small hole through the cover is clear before you put the new hoses on.


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