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V8 Timing Chain Replacement

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Hey guys,

I am in the process of doing all of the usual maintenance one needs to do to a used car after purchasing it. What about the timing chain? I have a 94’ E420 with 106k miles on it. Is this something I should be looking at replacing soon or just wait till it takes a dump on me?

So far, I have changed ALL of the fluids, filters, belt, hoses that needed it, checked suspension bushings, etc. I have new brakes and rotors for my next weekend project. Anything else I should look at?


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Timing chain on a M119 is definitely a job best left to a pro MBZ tech. Factory literature clearly states that this is not a do it yourself job. My 92 M119 has 205K on original chain. Chain stretch should not be worried about until it starts making the noise from the tensioner not being able to compensate for stretch anymore. Ignition components are critical to maintain. Also use a high quality lubricant such as Mobil 1 15W 50 with a factory O.E. filter. These engines tend to run a little warm and need all the protection they can get. Don't be concerned with the 106K miles, That is still low mileage for an M119. Also, do not neglect the cooling system. Make sure and drain both sides of the block along with the radiator. USE FACTORY APPROVED FLUIDS ONLY. There is a good reason for this.
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