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As yo can tell i am a newbie to this forum. I need your help. I recently bought a v600 with the MB logo on it. The phone has been flashed to the following Firmware and Flex versions

Firmware: Triplets_G_0B.09.72R

I bought this phone cheap ($100) and i want to resell it. Unlocked v600's go for about 200 and MB branded v600's go for 300-400 on ebay. I don't want to sell this unless i know it will work in a MB car. From my understanding of firmware and flex the firmware does not matter but the flex does. Since the flex controls the what features are enabled and disable it is the key to compatability.

Can someone on this board please check to see what flex version there phone is? That info is located under the following menus

Menu -> Setting -> Phone Status -> Other Info

Thanks in advanced!

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