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V140 SL 600

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looks like a post facelifted W140, not sure if it is a real S600 thou......

has the japanese favourite parking pole option


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SL600, good snap shot, hahaha :yelrotflmao:
I guess this is Post-FL but not HK car .

Side turning lamp (Behind Front wheel) only exist in Post-FL HK car.
But this orange color side lamp I rarely seen in HK

White Corner lamp (Not Pre-FL)

Absent Two-tone exterior paint, post-FL era

The Five hole wheel is post-FL era

Absent parking antenna, but parktronic PTS, Mid-to-post-FL option

Stick SL600 .... A person who doesn't know about MB ....
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The AMG rims as same as your C140 ~
But the 189 color is shiny and excellen, I agree. But he stick SL600... sigh....
The gap between top of wheel tire and the bottom of arch is too large ---- seem not SLS system but like S320.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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