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BENZWORLD members and enthusiast , thought i share this with you all and hopefully its helps everyone out! i have sucessfully changed the water pump on an 05 MBZ S600 V12TT with 54K miles . this water pump is commonly shared with all models with this engine , even the n/a as well as the amg engines.

* Attempt this job at your own discretion* if you do not have patients or decent automotive skills do not attempt it, that being said this job is fairly simple and not hard to do at all!!

I dont have pictures of draining radiator or cooling fan removal , i will explain everything the best as i can... fairly simple.

1. Remove all the underbody panels to remove drain on radiator to empty the cooling system

2. Remove engine cover , as well as air intake tubes.
In order to remove cooling fan follow these steps .
*Remove upper radiator hose from thermostat housing, using two 5MM hex bolts and one E10 bolt next to oil filter housing, unclip small coolant hose and move away, move upper radiator hose out of the way.

*Remove upper transmission cooler line only , using 19MM wrench , i covered the line with a latex glove and moved it aside.

*drivers side bottom of the fan , pry plastic clip for the fan wiring . very carfeully push in tabs on the electrical plug and pull the wiring out and away from the fan.

*Remove only two 10MM bolts on top of the cooling fan assembly .

*Fan is ready to come out , keep in mind its really tight and snug fit!! so be very patient with it . slowly wiggle and remove the fan up and out , you or a buddy will to have to push the intercooler hoses away a bit for it to come out . once again be patient !! that fan barely comes out lol not too too much wiggle room

3. Remove 4 T30 torx bolts from water pump pulley before removing the v- belt, next remove the belt, 17MM socket on belt tensioner.

*Pry off plastic covers on the idler pulleys and remove pulleys using T45 torx bit

*Next remove crank pulley with 27MM deep socket and breaker bar. i do not posses the special tool which is mercerdes counterholder. so i removed small cover on transmission bell housing exposing the flywheel, had my friend hold the flywheel while i broke the crank bolt loose... such a pain in the rear !!! that sucker is on there.... need some man power for that bolt. THE CRANK IS REMOVED ONLY FOR ONE WATER PUMP BOLT

4. time to remove the water pump finally !!

*Loosen all hose clamps top and bottom. The pump has 11 bolts all using the E10 socket, some bolts are longer and some short as a reference remove each one and slide it onto new pump.

*Keep in mind the hoses are stuck onto the pump , I chose not to replace any hoses as they were in great shape. use a small and thin flathead or pick to loosen hoses up. be very careful and patient with the hoses .... do not damage them unless your replacing.

*Remove old water pump and gasket from block !! clean area for new pump

5. After installing new water pump and gasket torque the bolts to 14nm=10ft/lbs. theres a special sequence and order to torque them , i will get picture from WIS and post it.

*Install water pump pulley and 4 bolts torque is 8nm=5ft/lbs....i just snugged these by hand.

Now the pump is on install everything in reverse order . the original plastic idler pulleys have a reputation of failing notoriously on the v12 engines. so i bought the redesigned metal pulleys from speedriven.

*All idler pulleys torque to 35nm=25ft/lbs.

I used all OEM Mercedes parts from the pump , new belt , coolant etc...

*keep in mind ladies and gents most shops and dealers use straight tap water..... i bought distilled water from the grocery store...very cheap and its the proper to use for the cooling system.

Shout out to Marcin at Speedriven!! excellent customer service from start to finish.



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