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Using manual shift option with an automatic transmission

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My C350 4 matic has an automatic transmission. Of course, It has the technical capability of using a manual shift method (plus or minus signs next to the shifter) but has anyone used it?

I miss using a manual transamission and I think it would be fun with my mercedes.

Thanks for your help!
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It's fun if you want to hot rod it a little. I wouldn't be doing it all the time.

Read the manual and you will find that when you switch driving modes. Selecting certain gears will significantly reduce your speed on steep inclines. It really works well in W mode going down steep mountains. Saves your breaks and the car loves it.

As far as driving it sportingly with S mode, I find that it's quite frustrating and does not do exactly what I want and when I want it unless you turn the ESP off. Even then it has a little hesitation. I'm a better driver than my computer. The ESP makes me want to scream sometimes. :)

Enjoy it!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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