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Dear all,

I have following problem with my CLK 430 01 and I think this practice will be beneficial to all of us.

I turn of the engine, take out the key and the AC doenst stop. Now we are talking about cabin heating only. The fan keeps going. So I went through the forum and there is a chance that its the blower regulator. (The car did get moisture because some leaves blocked the drain plug.)

Anyways damage is done. Now here is what I am gonna do:

I will open up the fuse box. Get under fuse 25 (that's for the cabin fan) and connect a relay to it. I will find another cable that comes from the battery and has power when the key gets inside. That cable will power the relay which in turn will be closing the fuse 25 circuit. BTW its 30 amp fuse.

Any other ideas or concerns please let me know as tomorrow I am heading to Radioshack. Has anyone done something like this, or is there a post of someone explaining how to lift the fuse box? (Yes I see the screws....)

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