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Using 5v headunit with a 2v equalizer

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Hello guys

I plan to install an equalizer along with upgrading my headunit which is pioneer 9800-bt. It has 5 volt preamp outputs however the equalizer which is pioneer eq-6500 and has 2 volt preamp output.

So my question is how to wire it to the bose amp. Does using an equalizer adds 5volts + 2volts to the boss preamp input or its only 2volt input to the boss from the equalizer?

Any advise?
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To do this right you need a line driver like the OverDrive. Connect the head unit to the equalizer, the equalizer to the OverDrive, and the OverDrive to the Bose amp. With the 5V preamp outputs into the equalizer, the head unit's volume control might be a little touchy.
No, the 5V is lost at the input to the equalizer. The output stage of the equalizer puts out at most 2V no matter what you put into it. If you put more than 2V in, you will just get clipping and distortion. That's why I said the volume control might be a little touchy - if you turn the volume up past half-way you'll probably get clipping and distortion. You need the OverDrive after the equalizer to bring the signal back up to 5V or so for the Bose to get full volume out of the system.

A 2V head unit to the equalizer will match better so that you probably can't overdrive the equalizer. You still need the OverDrive for full system volume.
OverDrive Car Audio Line Driver=

Maybe I should design my own version with integrated connectors for plug-and-play.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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