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Using 5v headunit with a 2v equalizer

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Hello guys

I plan to install an equalizer along with upgrading my headunit which is pioneer 9800-bt. It has 5 volt preamp outputs however the equalizer which is pioneer eq-6500 and has 2 volt preamp output.

So my question is how to wire it to the bose amp. Does using an equalizer adds 5volts + 2volts to the boss preamp input or its only 2volt input to the boss from the equalizer?

Any advise?
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Thanks Dick, so just that I understand you correctly are you saying that the 5v + 2v becomes 7v to the input of the bose unit?

What if I use a headunit with the 2v output + the same equalizer?

Thank you
Alright Dickb I think I get your point now. By the way please pardon my ignorance, what is this overdrive and where do I get it from?

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