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Useful info - Reprogramming Key Fob

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Was searching around and found for a way to reprogram my key fob. I have an SLK32 and haven't used the spare key fob in 15 years (since the car was new). Needless to say the batteries died and the fob wouldn't work. Picked up some new batteries, put them in the fob still didn't work. Searched for a way to reprogram the fob and found this:

Reprogramming Mercedes Remote Key

What you need to do is this:

1) Get in and close all the doors.
2) insert your key in to the ignition cylinder
3) turn the key to position 2 (do not start)
4) turn the key off & remove
5) press & HOLD the lock button
6) press the unlock button 5 times
7) release the lock button
8) press any other button on the remote (ie tailgate)

you only have ten(10) seconds to do the entire procedure so keep trying.

After trying it twice, the fob sprung to life. Amazing. Couldn't be happier.

Posted in case someone else has this issue and the first reaction is to ditch the old one and get a new one. Life can be breathed back into them if you try. I just did it.

According to the manual there is another way.

"The system may have to be re-synchronized if the transmitter is without voltage for several minutes. To synchronize the system, aim transmitter eye at vehicle and briefly press transmitter button (lock or unlock) twice. Within approximately 30 seconds insert key in steering lock and turn it to position 2.

The remote control should once again be operational."

By using the first method I may have inadvertently performed the second method. However the first definitely worked.
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