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Used 2006 CLS 500

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So I have been looking around for a used CLS, low miles, etc. I have done this over the years in that the bulk of the depreciation occurs during the first several years, plus you can get great value.

Last night I find a car at the dealer, 21k miles, AMG sport, Premium Package, fantastic shape, local car, and its certified. We went back and forth for hours, and then at night, and the price agreed was $39.5k, I am to go back today to finalize.

Theres a lot of these things on Craigslist/Ebay, however the certified/warranty is important to me. Do you guys think this is a fair/good price?

Also, although its still under original fctory warranty, is there anything in particular to look out for when I go through this thing in additional detail?

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there is a cls55 on ebay right now, with more miles......but it is a certified car as well. warranty up to 100k. he is selling for 38.5k. he is a car nut and i have personally spoken to him. seems like a real nice guy. that price is a great deal for a certified 55.
Things to check for

I'm assuming by certified that you mean by MB Dealer Certified Pre-Owned, and not just "certified" by an independent used car dealership, which there are plenty of on eBay. If so, that's closer to the price range that an MB dealer would sell it for (depending on options of course), but I still think you can find it a bit cheaper or talk them down.

Things to check for:
1) double check and make sure it hasn't been in an accident, not all accidents are reported meaning a carfax/autocheck is useless.

Since most accidents occur on the front and back
- review headlamps (see if seals were removed or tabs broken) and tail lights
- check the paint (look for any flaws in color from one end to the other in case it was painted over/blended, particularly on the front quarter panels and hood, which is common auto collision practice)
- make sure all the lines of the panels, doors and hoods are lined up, make sure the amg sport skirt doesn't have any gaps against the body.
- Check the suspension and alignment, make sure even spacing on the sides of the tire within the wheel wells, also check height levels are even from left tire to right tire (front and rear).

Try this quick check, press the sunroof open/close button forward or backward all the way, expecting the sunroof should automatically open/close all the way (Express Open/Close). If it doesn't, that usually means the battery was disconnected. Repair facilities don't realize that the battery should not be disconnected and disconnect it anyway when doing more serious work and forget to re-sync the sunroof.

2) Double check when the new car warranty expires. MY06 models were sold in 05, warranty is based off delivery date not model year. Meaning the 4 year/50k mile warrrany will expire this year versus 2010.

3) Extended warranty, is this an MB extended or aftermarket e.g. GWC? Verify whats covered, keep in mind, ext warranties aren't exactly the same as the new car warranty, not all parts are covered. Some aftermarket extended warranties also have deductibles and reimbursement policies. Double check everything.

4) Alot of people who get the premium and amg sport package don't mind splurging more and get the additional options that you may not be aware of, e.g. Lighting Package, Electronic Trunk, Satellite, Phone Kit, Parktronic, Distronic. Make sure all those options are working properly. If electronic trunk, make sure it opens and closes all the way without any help. Parktronic/Distronic sensors / alerts aren't going haywire. Lighting package, make sure active curving works (hard to see) and that the headlight cleaning system is spraying and in sync. If with CD Changer check if it works, if you don't know where it is (it took me a bit to find it) press the silver button below the hazzard button. Most of these repairs should be covered by the new vehicle warranty.

5) Double check the tread life on the tires (particularly the rear) If low, see if the dealer will throw in a new set of tires :)

6) Vehicle rising feature, make sure it actually goes up (usually rear first then front) and remains level, left and right side.

7) If you bought it from an MB dealer, before you take delivery, there are alot of outstanding DTBs (Dealer Techical Bulletins) for this car, have the MB dealer do a VMI (Vehicle Master Inquiry) for any outstanding recalls and/or service campaigns associated with your VIN, e.g. update the COMAND system, these repairs should be covered by the new vehicle warranty. (thanks konigstiger)

8) If it has Keyless-GO make sure the unlock button actually unlocks the doors. (repair/replacement should be covered by the new vehicle warranty)

9) Make that all the handles are properly functioning, make sure the button on the inside of the handle unlocks the car, and the small button on the outside locks it. (repair/replacement should be covered by the new vehicle warranty)

Hope this helps :)

If I think of anything else, I'll update.
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Benbac, I wish I would have had you around before I bought my CLS! I feel like an ass for not having checked all those things! For the record, I bought a cls550 for 42900 with 23k on it. it was the best deal I could find. AMG sport package, keyless go, etc. I looked for a couple of months before I pulled the trigger. No issues with it so far but before I drive to work tomorrow I'm gonna check all those things you mentioned! Not that I can return it now anyway, but it will give me piece of mind. On second thought, maybe I better not check in case something is wrong cuz that will completely ruin my day!

Great advice Benbac.
Wow great check list. In the market for cls now maybe I could hire Benbac to inspect my future car :)
Believe me, I wish I had this checklist before I bought mine, I learned the hard way.

Constant returns to the dealerships (yes plural) and repair facilities to double check everything. Talked to many SAs and mechanics. These boards and mbworld and members like konigstiger had ALOT of insight and useful info that helped me with this list and get through the buyers remorse.
Thanks very much for the detailed and very thorough check list. That moonroof check, never would have thought of that.

So, I did check these items out, moonroof, trunk closer, not so sure how to check the Xenon light, and all was fine,. Its a MBZ certified car, which as they explained extends the factory 4 year warranty (in service date was 11/14/05) by one year/100k to 11/14/10. They tried to press me to buy an extension to that, to 7 years/100k for $3k and said it was through MBZ. Not to sure about that price, I told them I wanted to shop it first and then let them know. They were a little taken back, and tried to infer that I had to buy it then, and without embarrasing them, I let them know that I had time.

The car is abslutely gorgeous, did a little investigation on my own, it was registered to a guy who liived in the local san fran area, which is a plus, and I am guessing it was a corporate lease of some sort. Anyhow, I paid $39.5k for the car/21k miles, AMG Sport Package, Premium Package, Keyless Go, Electronic Trunk Closer, Lighting Package, Sirrious Satellite (Installed) Hi Gloss Wood Trim. Its for the wife and she is very happy (for now ;)

We have to take it in for a couple of small warranty related fixes, and I will definatly have my wife confirm any outstanding DTB's and also update the command system.

Thanks again for putting together such a concise list, I am sure it will help others in the future days to come. It helped me out tremendously.
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thanks Benbac for sharing ,great tips for all of us.Let me ask you question;I have 2006 cls 500, I want to update my navigation to 2009 or 2010 (better details roads-maps) Do you have any successions! Any dvd or software out there I can just buy and install it!
The head unit (HU) of the MY09+ is vastly different from the MY05-MY08,
the older COMAND units use a DVD based navigation system, where as the newer units use a HDD based one (in addition to other new features).

There is no "software" upgrade available to get the new interface for the nav, you must replace the entire head unit. As for if swapping out the HU is just plug and play? From what I've heard, it's not.

Check out Pics---NTG and my E - Forums

That person did it for his E-Class (same HU as the CLS) and does not even recommend it to the experienced DIY'ers (need access to STAR wiring to even start)

Hope that helps!
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