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URGENT Recall # 2005110001

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A Recall Campaign has been initiated because DCAG has determined that on the affected vehicles(see VIN range below) the SBC brake system may shift to the hydraulic back up mode due to the loosening of the ground wire harness connection over time. Dealers will install a bracket and replace the ground wire. Approximately 194,828 vehicles are involved.

211.026 A178744 - A791926
211.056 A774034 - A791985
211.065 A014562 - A734487 & X097815 - X116123
211.070 A042945 - A791708
211.076 A136286 - A791963
211.082 X108074 - X180208
211.083 X108399 - X185352
211.087 X177825 - X185353
211.256 A710773 - A791204
211.265 A307691 - A732056
211.276 A715663 - A789757
211.282 X108182 - X178465
211.283 X108624 - X185282
211.287 X174229 - X185332
219.375 A000205 - A025146
219.376 A007370 - A024951
230.474 F009458 - F105503
230.475 F001748 - F105612
230.476 F053823 - F105527
230.479 F081688 - F105355
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This recall has been issued due to a faulty/lose ground wire connecting the SBC brake system. If your your ESP light has been flashing off and on that means that the Electronic Stability Program was activated due to the driving conditions ex. snow covered roads, slippery surfaces, turning a corner to quickly. If the light stays on and does not go off then take your car to the nearest mercedes benz dealer to have the vehical looked at. Also if anyone has trouble finding or does not know the 2XX.XXX number please look in the Owners Manuel(in the back where it lists the engine information)
Does the multifunction display, display any messages?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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