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Hello everyone. Hope your doing better than I am :(

Well, I'll start off from the beginning. My uncle left for the holidays this summer and naturally he left his 1999 c230 kompressor benz in my drive way. Well, just recently I adjusted the seat position to accommodate my size/liking. Truth be told, the seat doesn't want to recline back up. It's now completely reclined to the max. I've been doing A LOT of research and in conclusion I think it has something to do with the CF relay module? I know its located in the trunk but I dont know exactly where. Are there any options/alternatives I can try? I know these type of cars are antiques and deserve a lot of care but I didn't think this would ever happen. He comes back this Sunday night and im freaking the hell out.

Here are 4 pics different angles of the trunk(upper right side), 1 pic of whats underneath the front seat, 1 pic of the seat positioning. This is a photo I found but it deosn't match this car's trunk :/

Thanks for your time.
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