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E320, 1994, 1995
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FS: Upper Engine Hardness Upgraded version e320 94-95

I have an extra set of upper engine harness for e320 1994-1995. I had to replace mine a few months ago. Right after I replaced it with a purchase over $350 from eBay, I came across this one in a local junk yard. It is an upgraded version made by Delphi, part# 124 440 5632. It is the same upgraded version I installed in my car. I bought it as a spare, thinking that I might need it in case I get another e320 1995. If you do your proper maintenance, e320 94-95 is hard to beat in terms of reliability and comfort. Mine is 194000 miles and drives like new (at least to me). Asking price is $250, free shipping. The list price is nearly $1000 new at dealers and about $750 at Autohous AZ. Guarantee to work or your money back minus shipping. If interested, please email me at [email protected]. I prefer Paypal. My eBay ID is photoengineer. You can also contact me through eBay. I will send you pictures if you like to see them.


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