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Hi all,

Been quiet for a while I know. I lowered the front springs (H&R) about 3 months ago, lowered rear with adjustable links. Since then I had a knocking from front which my mechanic or myself could locate.

Anyway, with the knocking and scraping a good few speed bumps, I've just installed original struts and springs and put height neck to stock.

When I did this I noticed one upper arm was rattly the other stiff as hell but making I clunk when moved. So I am sure they are both shot.

Sadly I had to refit struts to get car on road for work, so now I hope I can replace upper arms without removing struts again.

Anyone know how hard it is to get to top two bolts? Or looks like they are buried under lots of things in engine bay. And can I get bolts out without removing struts?

I was close to selling car on but I've decided to keep her because she just goes, carries anything I need and is great for kids stuff. Nothing compares for size unless you pay a good few quid! I've ordered a new head unit, rear camera and more to just bring her up to date a bit too. So if I can fix this knocking off be a happy man.

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