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I have a 1998 Euro W208 CLK with player option "512 - Radio MB-Special mit 8 Lautsprechern". The player has a great sound, but has no CD player. What is the best (=not too much work and a reasonable price) way to upgrade the player to one that enables playing CDs without risking the great sound?

Naturally, an option would be to connect a CD changer to the player. Unfortunately, as far as I have understood, the options are an original Mercedes-Benz changer and an Alpine changer. Both options have cons. The Mercedes changer has a terrible price here in Finland, and the Alpines require an adapter I have not managed to found at the local dealers.

Secondly (or thirdly) my car is not prewired for the changer like US models. So, I would need to get a cable and to wire the car. I would prefer not having to do the wiring. I CAN do it, but it is not fun. I have already wired too many MBs for CD changers in my life. :)

I think a good option would be to buy an original MB receiver CD player. However, before buying this, I need to understand which of them are ok (=do not downgrade the sound in my system).

I used to have a W124 with MB receiver. I replaced the MB receiver with JVC top model + CD changer. This was year 1999. The original player had a nice sound but not all the JVC features. The JVC gave me plenty of features but a downgraded sound. I would not like to repeat this with my CLK.

What are the differences with options

"512 - Radio MB-Special mit 8 Lautsprechern"
"513 - Radio MB-Special mit 8 Lautsprechern"
"750 - Radio MB Audio 30"
"756 - Radio Audio 10 mit CD Laufwerk"

-> Which player should I buy?

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