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upgrading gearbox

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Has anybody upgraded the earlier 4 speed auto box to the later 5 speed auto box?

I have a 1990 500SL with the four speed box.

Can anyone tell me what driving the later 5 speed SL500's are like compared to the earlier 4 speed? Are they more responsive? They always pull away in first rather than second unless I give it full throttle?

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There was a similar thread to this the other week so an advanced search could be useful.
Your other alternative to an expensive modification would be to get a First Gear Start Switch.

I have both gearboxes on my 2 SL500s and each car has it's own advantages, sometimes the long pulling power changes on the four speed are just what is needed, and sometimes the quicker, on the torque changes of the five speed, can work better.

PS: Come along to the BenzWorld meet at the end of the month and I will explain personally (See 'Calling Gibraltar and Italy' topic)
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