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I just finished upgrading/replacing my steering wheel, from stock wheel on a 1991 560SEC to an R129 Sportline, 1996-99 SL500 / SL320 / SLK320. It's just about 380mm, close as I can measure...

It's about 3/4" smaller in diameter (just enough to start crowding the edges
of the instruments and feels much better, both for driving as well as getting in and out.

ONCE THAT I UNDERSTOOD THAT I NEEDED A 4 BOLT CONTACT RING, it was a pretty straightforward install. Photos of both contact rings below. Once that part was snapped in, the rest else just fell into place. Had to lengthen one of the two horn leads, but the two pin airbag connector was the same as stock. (somewhat newer a/b out of the deal, as well) Big thanks to Mike Clare for his (always gracious) help on the basics and such ...

Here are the two contact rings: View attachment 20150306085225346.pdf
The five bolt ring is what I had on my stock wheel. If you want to update your wheel to 1992 or newer, you will need the 4 bolt ring.
The wheel I bought off EBay was advertised as fitting up to a 1999 R129, but did not come with any contact ring.

And, at the same time, I replaced my EHA valve. Damn, no more gas smell or pinhole leaks, and it idles a bit smoother, too. I had tried replacing just the two O-rings first but 14 years and 186k takes it toll. Easy bolt in installation.

Although by no means an authority, if I can answer any questions about upgrading your wheel, I would be happy to share whatever knowledge I have gained thru my wheel replacement.




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Wow, when I first read that it was from a late 90's model I was kinda worried, but seeing the pictures, as tusabes said, it really does look right at home! It helps that your interior looks spotless. Nice job!
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