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Upgrade Xenon Sportcoupe

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I have a C220CDI (W203CL) sportcoupe whit halogen lamps. Now, I have buyed a pair of a original Mercedes xenon lights, but I have more problem.
The main problem is that the lights (low bean xenon) shut off where the car's engine run. There is a solution for this problem?
The other problem is that the lights (because the italian law asks) have need the autolevel sensor whit added cable. I found hella universal sensor but I don't have a rigth information for the feature. There are not-mercedes sensor or if I don't install the sensors, can I setup the level in manual mode? Thank you.
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I have solved the problem:
1)upgrade in the MB-dealer the electronic-unit with setup the parameter "xenon=present";
2)Install the xenon light in the carriage maker;
3)Manual lights setup level in the car electric repairer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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