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2000, 430CLK Cabriolet
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Upgrade to USB flush mount panel interface on console ???

Re: year 2000 CLK430 Cabriolet, chassis W208

Do not want to use cigarette lighter plug-in style USB adapter in ash tray. Would like to install a flush mount/panel type USB port that I can patch into a 12v source in the car, and locate somewhere on the center console. This would be a charging USB port, no data transfer.

I have found the flush/panel usb interface with wire leads, and I have a common plug-in style USB adapter. With these two parts, the solution would be to crack open the plug in adapter, and solder on the leads from the flush mount USB interface, then solder another set of lead to the plug in adapter, and solder the other ends of those leads into a 12V source in the car.

Certainly seems that someone would have devised a product to replace all of this jury rigging.

Has anyone any info of this, or a product that would make this an easier installation ?


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