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Upgrade my APS50 with Pioneer amp and sub

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Hi there,

as I know my APS50 in my w211 has no Line out for such options.
So my question is can I take signal from rear speakers and install amp and sub in my w211's trunk? Will be the signal good enough?! Any ideas, will it work?

Thanks :)

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I think the speakers are all connected via fiber optic connections. I could be wrong here but I believe the MOST bus is on your car. This may be a good question for the audio and telematics forum..

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The speakers are connected with copper wire, you cannot get the power from the audio amplifier to the speakers via fibre.

He's got an AGW at the trunk, I understand he wants a separate amplifier for an additional bass speaker. It should be fine for that to pick up the feed from the rear speaker wires, low frequency audio should appear on all channels equally if the recording is reasonable.

This AGW should have a separate centre fill output, I assume it includes low frequency part of the audio spectrum but I've never looked at that.
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