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Upgrade 2 sportline?

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Does anyone know of any (preferred used) sportline interior upgrades from the 1993 stock 190e 2.6? Interior only. I just love those Red and black seats. Also looking for a 190e for my little lady in California (but I'm not rich)? How about headlights? in Los Angeles I saw a 190 on a lot w/ the stock shaped lights however the inside was small circles (like a BMW)? Loved the look, any ideas where it came from?
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The red panel/piped black leather seats are found solely in the '93 Limited Edition 2.6 -- only 700 were made at the end of the 190E model run in 1993 and had all the 190E options, plus the factory Sportline. The seats you mention are not part of the Sportline package (there are Sportline cars from '92 and '93 which are not Limited Edition models and thus do not have the red/black combo).<br> <br> The four-place seating (which was also done earlier in the 2.3-16V) was also unique to the Limited Edition. If you can live with plain black, look for an interior from a 2.3-16V -- you can probably find one with a bad motor and salvage the seats. <br> <br> The only way you would find the 2.6 Limited Edition seats would be from a wrecked model and they are so rare as to make that very improbable -- you're better just buying a Limited Edition -- there are a couple listed in autotrader, includeing one on e-bay:<br> <br>
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