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Updating a 2002 G500?

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Hi All -

I could use some advice from some fellow G-Wagoneers.

I have a 2002 that I absolutely love. However, it's starting to show a little age here and there. I'd like to make a few updates.

Specifically, I'd like know if I can install an updated Gauge Cluster from a 2009 model without any great difficulty?

Secondly, I want to update my Nav system and instal a back up camera as well. I'd prefer to use OEM equipment to keep her looking original. Any suggestions/is this achievable?

Lastly, the original headlights are pretty weak. Any concerns with installing Bi-Xenon HID projector headlights?

Thanks everyone!

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Thanks, 94Rover!

So provided I purchase all the bells and whistles, it's all pretty much plug and play from there?
Any recommendations on places to look in order to find 2009-2011 AMG wheels?
Enough said. I appreciate all the input. Bottom line, the newer model is most efficienct/effective way to go.

Got my radar up and pinging as of now.

Thanks all
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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