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Updating a 2002 G500?

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Hi All -

I could use some advice from some fellow G-Wagoneers.

I have a 2002 that I absolutely love. However, it's starting to show a little age here and there. I'd like to make a few updates.

Specifically, I'd like know if I can install an updated Gauge Cluster from a 2009 model without any great difficulty?

Secondly, I want to update my Nav system and instal a back up camera as well. I'd prefer to use OEM equipment to keep her looking original. Any suggestions/is this achievable?

Lastly, the original headlights are pretty weak. Any concerns with installing Bi-Xenon HID projector headlights?

Thanks everyone!

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Hey OP...I had to do something about my lights as well. I describe their ability to light the night as frightening at best. I could throw a rock in front of the truck at night and it would disappear into the darkness before I illuminated it.

So, I bought her some jewels. JW Speaker 8700 Evolutions. UNREAL! I had to throw some inline capacitors to circumvent the flicker for my DRL's but otherwise they look and work incredibly. Also, they're half the price of stock xenon's.
Sorry to resurrect and old one. TedCorp, any chance you could post what additional parts you needed. Looking at doing the same mod to my G320
No problem. So you'll need the motorcycle ring kit:

JW Speaker 8700 Single Light Mount Bracket - Drivetrain America

These mount to the truck and then split so you can mount and aim the headlights.

It's that simple!
TedCorp, thanks for the reply
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