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Update on my German engineering marvel

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Well, the pinion seal does not leak (I was informed that it 'sweats a little'). Apparently, there is nothing wrong with the suspension (although front still rides 2 inches higher than other 190s, and the rear still squeeks a little despite a bath in the lubricating oil). I politely refused an offer of fixing the vacuum cutoff valve for $300-$400 plus $86 in parts (just ordered a new one from Germanstar for $26-thanx Ron and Manny!). <br> Well, now off we go to install a new AC comp ($240 remanned)!
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Good luck on that - I saw a 1985 2.2 driving by (actually blowing by on I 495 at about 95mph). The guy had obviously replaced rear-front shocks/struts. The entire car sat about 2 higher than normal. so, I will keep my mouth shut and just replace the rear shocks to keep the car level!
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