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unlocking glove box with no key???

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Is anyone familiar with the lock on the E430 glove box. I lost my key and need access. The dealer said that its $40 for a replacement but I need to show proof of ownership. :bash: My proof of ownership is in the glove box...

I might get a lock pick set and try my luck, I honesty don't want to tear anything up.
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If you want another blade key I would explain to the dealer that your proof of ownership is in the glove box. I'm almost positive a tech can get it open without destroying the lock. I don't trust my own ability to pick a lock, but maybe yours is better.
We are required by law to always have the state registration (and proof of insurance) somewhere in the car. But the actual title is in my safe deposit box. Either one should be sufficient to prove ownership.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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